I've been programming almost exclusively in ColdFusion, MXML, and ActionScript 3 for three to four years now. Since Summer 2007, the percentage of Rich Internet Application (both Ajax and Flex) based applications projects coming into the agency has grown steadily. When I first started working on RIA projects, all of them were based in Adobe Flex (v2 for those following along at home). Over the past six months, I have started to get more and more Ajax-based RIA projects. And it's been really cool! 

As these Ajax projects progressed, I started to work with some cool things like cloud computing and an Ajax web server (to name just two relevant ones!). However, thanks to the normal obligations with work, I have never really had the chance to truly get into these technologies and explore how they work...that is, until now! 

I recently started work on a couple of personal projects designed so that I have an opportunity to learn new languages, services, and tools. I decided to keep a running blog on these new projects and technologies mostly for my own benefit, as I recall information and ideas better when I step back and force myself to articulate the things I've learned in a clear way. However, I do hope that something or things within these posts might help a frustrated or desperate developer solve a problem or get started with something new.