So that it doesn't need to be written over and over, I thought I would detail my development environment here and refer to this post as needed.

  • 17-inch Apple MacBook Pro
  • 2.33 GHz 
  • 3 GB RAM (667 MHz)
  • 256 MB Video RAM
  • Dell PowerEdge
  • Intel Pentium-D
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Aptana Studio^(v1.2.1) - Web 2.0 IDE that includes optional (and free) plugins for PHP, Adobe AIR, Apple iPhone testing, Database/SQL explorers, Ruby and Rails (via RadRails), Python (via PyDev), and Jaxer (an open-source Ajax web server)
  • CFEclipse (v1.3.2) - ColdFusion IDE
  • Adobe Flex Builder* (v3.0.2) - Adobe Flex and AIR IDE
  • Mylyn (v3.0.3) - Task Management Tool
  • Data Tools Platform (v1.6.1) - Tool for managing a wide range of RDBMs
  • Subversive (v0.7.5) - Tool for managing SVN repositories and project synchronization
^Aptana has a free, community edition and a for-pay professional edition, which adds a few features. I use the Professional Edition. It does have some nice added tools and, for the $99US, I think it's a great way to support Aptana's development efforts.
*Commercial Plugin

  • Apache (v2.2.9)
  • Apache Tomcat (v6.0.x)
  • Microsoft IIS (v6)
  • MySQL (v5.0.67)
  • PostgreSQL (v8.3.2)
  • SQL Server 2005 (v9.x)
  • PHP (v5.0.x)
  • Ruby (v1.8.6)
  • Rails (v2.1.1)
  • Python (v2.5.x)
  • ColdFusion (v8.0.1)