Okay, so I'm a geek. I know it. I'm cool with that. But there are mornings where even my own geekiness is a bit ridiculous. Today, I stumbled upon a mac-specific web browser, Fluid. Fluid is not a web browser per se. It's in the category of SSBs (Site Specific Browsers). 

What makes Fluid stand out for us Mac folk is that you set up Fluid to connect to a web application that you use (i.e., Gmail) frequently. When you open Fluid, you supply it with your URL, a friendly name, an optional icon and a location to store the application on your hard drive. After a few seconds, viola! You now have a full Cocoa-based application on your Mac. 

You can then launch this SSB/Application just as you would any other app on your Mac. It's freaking awesome. I can now have my main work email open in a dedicated browser just for my app/site (long story but suffice it to say, I gave up on desktop email apps for this particular email address).

Fluid is free and definitely worth a look if you use apps such as Gmail, Facebook, and tons of others. 

Screen shots
Gmail as a Fluid (SSB) Application:

Fluid icon in the dock:

Fluid Application Setup Screen:


Its good to be a GEEK these days bro. God Blessed are the Geeks..

btw I can't wait to get off this thing called Windows ;-)