Been a while between posts because I've been quite sick. Here in Ouray, we've all been sharing the same damn flu/virus over the past couple weeks. Sucks!

Anyway, I'm a bit late tagging this but, Aptana released a beta of their forthcoming JavaScript framework, ActiveJS. The first part to come out was ActiveRecord.js, which is set to work with Google Gears, Aptana Jaxer, Adobe AIR, and the iPhone.  It's looking pretty sweet and, as a result, of Aptana's plans to add more to the ActiveJS framework (patterns for handling views, etc.), I will begin utilizing this framework with Bloxer, while bagging my own framework at this time to help support and promote ActiveJS (plus, I'm pretty sure their team's work will blow anything I do out of the water).

That said, I highly recommend that developers take some time to try and create a framework in your language of choice. I've always been pretty solid with JavaScript, having started learning and using it in 2000, but trying to build an MVC framework taught me so much more about the language. Even the little work I did was incredibly enlightening. Definitely worthwhile, I think.

Okay, I hope to get back on track with Bloxer and ActiveJS this week . Heading to the doctor's tomorrow to get (another) check up. Thankfully, I feel markedly better today...and am hoping for no more slippage back into sickness (happened twice already with this damned cold).