If you haven't already seen it, go download and install the new public beta of Safari 4. While just a beta, it's WAY faster at rendering pages, the new Top Sites page is cool (if not ripped off from Opera). The new tabbed interface is an improvement, too (tabs are now above the address bar).

So far my Google pages, which are heavy on JavaScript, rendering SO MUCH faster it's impressive. It's funny timing on this release (for me, anyway) because I was getting annoyed with Safari this past week and about to jump back to Firefox for my default browser, which I don't like to do because I prefer Firefox for my development browser (testing, etc.).

NOTE 1: I haven't downloaded or tried the Windows version of this beta, which is available as well.

NOTE 2: If you are using the current version of Growl Notifier (1.1.4) and you install the beta, please be aware that there seems to be a conflict with Mac Mail and the new Safari 4 beta. You need to disable Growl Notifications in your Mail app before installing Safari 4 beta.