I broke down and rebuilt my IDE installation...again. I spent an hour (or so) this morning reinstalling Eclipse (Classic, version 3.4.2) and then reinstalling my plugins: MyLyn, Git, Subversive, Aptana 1.2.3 (including RadRails, PHP, Ajax frameworks, AIR, Nokia, and iPhone), CFEclipse, ColdFusion Extensions for Eclipse, and Groovy/Grails.

Well, I'd been using a RC version of Aptana 1.3 Standalone, which is loking awesome. However, I have a Rails project I've been working on and want to host it with Aptana Cloud, which announced Rails support on the Cloud just last week.

The "problem" is that the RC version of Studio 1.3 does not support deployment to the Rails Cloud. Okay, so this isn't really a "problem". However, it meant that I had to install Aptana Studio 1.2.3. I did, however, I forgot how much I dislike Eclipse 3.2, upon which Aptana Studio 1.2.3 is built. I tried running (and enjoying) two Aptana installs (1.2.3 and 1.3 RC2). Too much of a pain going back and forth between the two (and I do that a lot -- program in PHP or CFML for a bit, then to Rails, etc.).

Anyway, I downloaded the new Eclipse, installed all my plugins and am back up and running. I do love Eclipse 3.4. It's got some great features and, for those interested, Aptana Studio 1.2.3 (plugin) is working GREAT in my new Eclipse install, an install that includes currently nightly builds of many plugins.

Now, if only there were a way to reliably include Flex Builder 3.2 as a plugin with my EclipTana build. When I did that in the past, it was hell. Crashes, weird behavoir, etc. So, Flex stays separate for now.

Non-Related Note:
Oh, also alpha testing Flash Catalyst (aka Thermo) in addition to Flex Builder 4/Gumbo. Catalyst ooks pretty awesome, too. I haven't gotten a chance to truly play with it yet but will this week. Once I get through the NDAs, I'll start posting what I legally (and ethically) can.