Very exciting news today on the Aptana front. They (Aptana) have released Studio 1.2.5, which adds Java as a deployment platform for their Cloud hosting program.

Aptana have also lowered their hosting cost for the Cloud. Sites which were about $1 per day are now about $.67 per day (about $20 per month now instead of $30 per month).

I have some Flex work to do this morning before a meeting but plan to really mess around with Aptana this afternoon. My hope is that by adding Java to the Cloud, we developers might be able to install Railo on the Cloud and then run some CF applications. Worse-case scenario, I should be able to run some Groovy applications (if not Groovy with CF).

I'm very excited and a little pissed because I want to dive into Java on the Cloud now but I can't! Perhaps if I stopped blogging, I'd get my work done faster and get to playing with Java on the Cloud sooner :)!