Adobe is (finally) about to roll out a Mac version of Captivate. I started using Captivate at version 1 on Windows to create documentation and help files for various web and software applications I built over the years. I've always found it to be an easy-to-use and effective tool for this task (and many more).

Sadly, I gave up on Captivate late last year and switched to ScreenFlow for Mac. The reason for the switch had nothing to do with Captivate per se. It was that using Captivate had become too cumbersome and inefficient. Anytime I needed/wanted to use Captivate, I had to fire up the VMWare Fusion Windows virtual machine, use PC software to create my tutorials, and wait far longer than I should for Captivate when it was compiling my movies (it never ran as well on my VM as it did on a 'regular' Windows system). Long story short, Captivate didn't fit well into my workflow, so I gave up on it.

Well, no more! The Adobe Captivate Blog has posted a note regarding the forthcoming Mac beta program for Captivate. The post provides a link to the beta application form as well.

If you're a Mac user and have been hoping to get your hands on Captivate, now is the time!