This post is more for me than anything else. If you're following my ColdBox series, it's probably worth a perusal but otherwise, ignore this post.

Following is a brief overview of what features I plan to put on the ImageAid site that I am building alongside this tutorial. My intent is to be able to refer back to this post so that I don't forget something. Not that such a thing would ever happen in the development world!

I have a template of the site's UI and will break down the features based on this template. A screen shot follows but you can also view it online at

The site will consist, essentially, of the following features:

  • Pages—Home, Services, Projects (this will be renamed to Clients), and Contact (from the top navigation) are all pages, as are Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Sitemap (from the footer)
  • Plugins—pages can have plugins; basically additional resources to show on a page (outside of content). The services page is a good example of a plugin (so is the client page). The page will have a write up of the services but we want each service in its own DB table to output a list of them on both the services page and the featured services call out on the homepage.
  • Grammatics—currently called 'News', this will be a grammar blog. Recent posts will show where you see the Recent News sidebar.*
  • Grammatics subscription—ability to sign up for RSS feeds from the blog.*
  • Grammar tips—little tips will appear on interior pages ala the 'Our Featured Services' box on the homepage*
  • Clients sidebar—provides quick access to the client details page, which will show recent projects completed for that client.
  • Contact forms/processing&mdashwhat good is a website without the ability to have a visitor contact you!?
  • Two layouts—we'll use two layouts on our site. The homepage (below) and a modified one for interior pages

* The Grammatics blog will be powered by Mango Blog but I won't be using their interface; rather, I'm going to attempt to use the Mango admin system and the blog's API to output on the site. This may well be an awful idea, so I'll see how it goes when I get there.

Design Screen Shot

What website would be complete without a DB? Exactly! I'll be posting the DDL in Part III or Part IV of the series when we go to install it.

I think that's a decent overview of where I'm headed with this series. Again, apologies for the very dull post but I thought it important to lay this out so that I stay on track!!

Part IIb (getting comfortable with ColdBox Conventions and Customizing Layouts) is coming over the weekend. I'm trying to get these up quickly but broke my wrist just about 2 weeks back (stupid beer league softball)! I have to code and type with one hand, and it's not even my dominant hand, so it sometimes frustrates me and slows me down.