I've never been a fan of NetBeans over the years, trying it out here and there but it never stuck. Recently I have gotten into Groovy/Grails, which lacks a good Eclipse plug-in, and, coupled with the loss of the Aptana PHP IDE I used for my on-going PHP projects, I decided to give it another try. 

So far, I'm pretty impressed. Their Groovy/Grails plug-in is far better to Eclipse's and actually makes it feel like a Groovy IDE. In addition, their PHP editor is pretty stable; it has a good feature set (code completion, debugging, profiling, etc.) and runs smooth/fast (and this is on 6.8 beta). It even figured out I was using jQuery in the project and added auto-completion on the fly (no importing libraries, etc.).

I'm not saying my final verdict is to dump Eclipse and head to NetBeans but if you're going down the Groovy/Grails road, it's really worth a look. Hell, it's free!

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Craig Kaminsky
Good to hear, Jay! I saw that plug-in today (while activating Groovy/Grails and others) and wondered about it. Thanks for letting me know.

I use it for Python Dev, and I love it!