I dig TextMate a lot. I use it for all my scratch CFML (a la the Scribble option in CFEclipse) and some small projects. It's simple, lightweight and quite efficient for small projects and tasks. 

Well, this morning, I was reading a couple of posts on the newtricks blog about ColdFusion Unit Testing with MXUnit and TextMate and stumbled over this line:
Install the GetBundles tmbundle (github.com/adamsalter/GetBundles.tmbundle). 

This bundle is pretty freaking cool. It has some trouble updating a few plugins ere and there but, basically, it provides you with plugin details as well as the ability to install, update and all around manage your TextMate bundles. It's markedly better than scouring the web (github, SVN repos, etc.) for TextMate bundles and updates!

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