Over the weekend I knocked out a few wrapper methods for CFDynamo (and pushed them to the Github Repo). I was hoping to get a bit farther but I'm the boys basketball coach here in Ouray (pop. 900) and we had homecoming this weekend. I was a bit more wiped out than I expected on Sunday!

The following methods have been added and tested: 

  • create_table
  • update_table
  • delete_table

The following methods will be added/enhanced/cleaned up later today and tomorrow:

  • get_item (will be added)
  • update_item (will be added)
  • put_item (enhanced to better handle the varying return/result options of this call)
  • create_ update_, and delete_ table methods (ehnaced/cleaned up to hold AWS call backs added to asses the progress of table changes) 

After getting these in place today and tomorrow, I intend to complete, test and push the query and scan methods, at which point CFDynamo should be at a solid 1.0 release state. That should happen by Thursday. 

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions and do feel free to fork the project on Github and add to it!

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Craig Kaminsky
Ian, I did not run into that particular issue. However, one thing does come to mind. When you set up your DynamoDB, how did you create your access permissions for the DB/tables?
So i am in the process of doing the same thing but i am geting an error when trying to create the client...

Application Execution Exception
Error Type: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError : 0
Error Messages: com.amazonaws.ClientConfiguration.(Lcom/amazonaws/ClientConfiguration;)V

did you run into this as well?

I am using tomcat/railo on aws elasticbeanstalk