Try As I Might For years (and I mean that, literally), I have tried more task management applications than I can shake a stick at. Hell, I actually have one that I built myself after starting an Active Admin (Rails) tutorial (more crap to-do). All of them, my own included, did not work for me. For the longest time, I could not figure out why they did not work for me. The long and short of it was that I would spend time creating my lists and then never do anything with them from there … after the first week or so of using whatever particular software I was on at that time.

Enter Taskk Recently, I had the opportunity to try (@taskk_it),  which is currently in an invite-only beta (I have some invites, so ping me if you are interested in trying it out). Although it’s in an early beta state, Taskk is, hands down, the best task management application I’ve used.

Why Taskk?

For me, Taskk separates itself in on key area from its competitors: it tells you what to do next! Yeah, you heard me. Taskk not only compiles and maintains a list of your projects and their tasks but it also calculates what tasks you should be working on each day.

I’m Sorry. Say What? Yeah, I’ll say it again. Taskk tells you what to work on next. But how? Hell if I know. It’s probably fairies or pixie dust in the code. Alright, that may not be the case but here’s a little overview on Taskk’s magic and why I like it so much.

The Process It’s actually quite easy to get rolling with Taskk. First, you set up a list. Then, for each list, you create a series of tasks (ToDos), all of which you have entered with a time estimate, notes, deadlines, etc. Once you’ve entered all your ToDos, you can rearrange them (drag & drop) to set their priority level. From here, you head over to what Taskk calls the “Planner”. And this is where Taskk starts to set itself apart. You go through the available days in your planner and let Taskk know how many hours you have each day to work on your list(s). Once you have entered your available hours, you click the “Update Planner” and Taskk creates your work schedule.

But Something Changed Got a new assignment? Ran into a wall working on a particular task? Just slow one day? No worries. Anytime you want to recalculate your schedule, you only need to visit the Planner page and click the “Update Planner” button and you’re good to go.

Going Forward I am very excited to have Taskk as part of my toolbelt. I’ve been using it to plan out and manage several side projects as my new full-time gig has plenty of project management tools, which work great for the team, and it’s helped me stay on track and keep those projects moving forward. As I mentioned above, if you are interested in trying Taskk out, please let me know. I have a few invites left to give out and would be happy to share.