With the pending shut-down of Posterous on April 30 and with work at my full-time gig reaching a feverish pitch, I am restarting my Blogger this coming month.

Catch Up
Since I last blogged (hard to believe it’s been 10 months!), I left the ColdFusion world for the greener-to-me pastures of Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I moved into my first full-time Ruby/Rails position last October and have not looked back since.

It’s been a great ride thus far and I’ve been learning a ton again, which I absolutely love.

Going Forward
I will be doing my best to start documenting lots of little gems and tricks I’ve been picking up in the Ruby and Rails worlds. I’ll also be working on a series of posts for getting started in Ruby and Rails from the perspective of a seasoned web developer making the change to Ruby and RoR.

Other, Non-Ruby Stuff
One of the things I really enjoy about my work is getting to set up, test, and tweak development environments for specific tasks, etc. As such, I have been doing a good bit with Vagrant lately and have also recently started studying Chef. I plan to document and write up posts on those topics and more as well (i.e., it won’t be all Ruby and RoR!).