Over the past week, since switching from using ColdFusion Builder as a plug-in to the stand-alone version, I've noticed that every time I started ColdFusion Builder, the application window would maximize across my screen. This drives me nuts because my main computer has a large screen and high display resolution ... I don't need that much ColdFusion when I code :).

I looked throughout the preferences for a setting but found none. I also ran some obligatory forum and web searches but, still, didn't find anything useful ... hence this post. 

Manually Set the Stand-alone Version of ColdFusion Builder's (read: Eclipse's) Application Properties. 

  1. Start ColdFusion Builder.
  2. Set the application window to the width and height you'd like to keep.
  3. Close ColdFusion Builder.
  4. Open your workspace directory (on my Mac, the default went to /Users/<username>/Documents/Adobe ColdFusion Builder workspace/).
  5. Show your hidden files (if necessary, which it is for me on my Mac!).
  6. Open the .metadata folder.
  7. Open the .plugins folder.
  8. Open the org.eclipse.ui.workbench folder.
  9. Open the workbench.xml file.
  10. Edit line 4 (that's the line number in my file but, more importantly, the line contains an XML element with the following: window height="1055" maximized="true" width="1824" x="33" y="47").
  11. Change this element by either removing the maximized attribute altogether or change it's value to false (i.e., window height="1055" maximized="false" width="1824" x="33" y="47"). 
  12. Save the file.
  13. Open ColdFusion Builder. 

You should now be able to maintain your desired window's width. 

NOTE: This issue may only be on the Mac (or maybe it's not an issue at all!). I don't have another machine on which I can test ColdFusion Builder. And I have filed it as a bug with Adobe, just in case!

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Craig Kaminsky
Yes. Yes I did :)! Thank you. And I'm editing the copy now.
I think you wanted to show the value as False in #11.