I've been using ColdFusion Builder since last Fall for all development work on a large ColdFusion-powered Flex application. All in all, it's been a good IDE since the public Beta 3 was released in December. However, what I was able to do today made the $299 I paid for the Flash Builder 4 Premium upgrade, which comes with CFB 1.0, worth every penny: Refactoring. 

Here's the short scenario of why I was refactoring in the first place: 
The application was initially built on ColdFusion 8 and the original CF developer created a file that gets included in most CFCs. This file contains a series of commonly used functions. However, we're currently in the process of migrating the CFML engine to Railo 3.1.2 and several of the functions in this utility file have the same name as functions in Railo 3.1.

For example, the original developer created a "dump" function to, well, dump messages or errors from within CFScript blocks. This function is scattered throughout the application (100s of references) and I need to rename it ( new name will be "_dump"). In the "old" days of CFML coding, this meant using the not-so-reliable project search and replace in Eclipse or manually going through each file and finding/replacing the entries. Well, not any more!

In CFB, I simply open the file in question and highlight the value of the name attribute of my desired function (dump). I then right-click on the highlighted name and select "Refactor -> Rename" from the context menu. Next, I enter the new name of my method (_dump) and am presented with two options: (1) preview all the changes CFB will make across the project or (2) select OK and let CFB run wild and make the updates. I tend to go with Preview first ... but only because I'm paranoid :).

I know that for other language developers (ActionScript, Java, etc.), this may be trivial, but, for us CF developers it's freaking sweet!

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Craig Kaminsky
@Fabien: Thanks for the feedback ... I never used refactoring in Flex Builder 3 and didn't realize it wasn't so good. Nice to know Adobe did an all-around better job with it this time :)!
Adobe Flex Tutorial
wasn't trivial for AS developpers either as Flex Builder 3 did a really bad job at refactoring (crashed most of the time and didn't impact references).
This is now fixed in Flash Builder 4 for AS, thanks Adobe :P